Wednesday, April 26, 2006


The ideas presented so far are not even close to supporting join calculus (however simple it is).
Fluid still falls short in several areas: it is (practically) first-order (so messages do not carry references), it does not support creaition of objects at runtime, it is data flow driven (call it pull-only, or lazy, if you please).
The first problem is caused by the third, which is caused by input devices being the only active sources of messages.
This was caused by the decision to represent outputs of instances as transactionally lazy (STM a)'s, which promised better composability.
Basically, the choice (for a very simple case with one input and one output) is between:
STM i -> STM o -- transaction transformer paradigm, precludes "push", as only the receiving side of the reference is active
STM i -> (o -> STM ()) -> STM () -- hey, looks like monadic bind!

BTW, I suspect that relationship between these two types can be seen as expression of some property of negation in some logic :-)

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