Sunday, June 24, 2007

Preventing Internet Denial-of-Service with Capabilities

A topic of DoS attacks has surfaced recently on LtU, so this paper may be relevant to PLs design enough.

Imagine combining Trickles with this scheme...

Trickles - Stateless High Performance Networking

The Trickles network stack is a stateless replacement for TCP and the Berkeley sockets interface. It removes all per-connection state from one endpoint, typically the server, while providing important features such as congestion control, security of server-side state, and support for dynamic content.

In addition to markedly reduced memory overhead, our server-side stateless stack allows increased flexibility in redirecting network traffic at packet-level granularity, since any server can service any request regardless of past communications history. This enables new functionality in the network layer, such as transparent failover, load balancing, anycast services, and striped download.

I wonder, how well this can be bent to work with multicast.